Download Balafon

the NETWORK Application PHP Framework for Web FullStack-Developer


  • Php 7.3+

    • php-curl
    • php-zip
    • php-mysqli
    • php-curl
    • php-gd*
    • php-xdebug*
  • Apache 2.4+

    • rewrite
    • ssl*
* is optional
To quickly install Balafon in the current directory, run the following script in your terminal.
curl -A firefox -o installer.php php -r "if (file_exists('installer.php') && hash_file('sha384', 'installer.php')=='32220b80871480967b834f71462f99a48e8da2099a5dc3a195374909d0692e0b9374c5316800bce33c17df5e94a9d08a'){echo 'Installer verified'; } else { @unlink('installer.php'); echo 'Bad installer'; } echo PHP_EOL;" php installer.php php -r "@unlink('installer.php');"

Db Structure

Web SDK Features

Balafon all the tools you need to make Web Application.

Built-in Domain/Subdomain and language detection support

Dev Dynamic css support

Projects Controller splitting

External PHP library sopport

use composer to add external library

Modules support

balafon Command Line helper

ORM database definition

use Composer

add and share composer's packages between sites project

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